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Retro by Retropan 320

Aktualizace: 21. bře 2019

It has a beautiful name and a beautiful cartridge. So I have tried it.

Retrogirls, a retrocar, a retroplace and a retrofilm.

When I got a birthday sack from my beloved brother, I found out that is full of films! My joy was even more bigger when I realized that the films are different. There were colour films and black and white films, cheap films and professional films, 35 mm films and 120 films... absolute paradise. One of them was Foma Retropan 320.

I loaded the film into amazing black Olympus OM-1n (and 50 mm lens), my another birthday present, this time from my beloved girlfriend. I set the ISO to 320 as the film itself is rated. With late winter and warm sunrays I went outside. I was awared that this film should be very grainy, but I whenever I am testing something (well, I am testing quite permanently), I am shooting nearly everything.

Few years ago I loved the grain, all these grainy photos. For me it was the right "artistic feeling" - for example an old woman in black and white, full of wrinkles and grains.

This time I had a chance to shoot my favourite topics. It means people, industrial, urban dirt and a little bit of streets. What is interesting is that I got 40 full developed frames from the lab. And now you can see the results. Not all of them, but some of them so you can get some idea how does it look like.

Cross Club in Prague has really "fancy industrial" decorations.


Artists during a conversation.

Cross Club garden.

As you can notice, the film seems very very grainy. And gray. I am not huge fan of this, but as you can also see, although the pictures are not so sharp and clear due to the grain, the details are amazing, even in the shadows and dark parts. There is really a wide range of half tones and the light seems really "soft". The contrast is lower.

The film was developed in the lab/photo store so I do not know the exact process. If you are better phtographer than me and you like to develop films by yourself, maybe you can get slightly different and much more soft pictures. A different camera would also surely change the things as some digital post-processing can do.


Residential trailer.

The old factory in Bubeneč.

Abandoned armchair.

Old elevator.

I am so happy when I can explore old, dirty or abandoned places. I have tried the real "urbex" only a few times, but it is also my favourite "genre" to look at.

Industrial and better light.

Autoportrait - me and my girlfriend Karolina.

Cross Club exterior.

Modern architecture.

Karolina in bad light conditions. In a pub.

The film was shot during two days. I was really curious about results.

Another bad light conditions. In a subway station.

Love for streetart.

Karolina and lines.

It is not the sharpest photo but I like it.

So what to say at the end? Am I satisfied with this film? I have read some different review of Retropan and the author said he is not sure, if he likes it or not. Same with me. The "very old effect" is sometimes cool, the details are surprisingly awesome, but the grain is sometimes too much for me. But it is a fun, really!

Retropan is made by Foma, it means that this is a Czech film. And again, it means it is easily available for me. It is a budget film, but definitely worth of try.

And what about you, do you have any experiences with this one?


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