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Summer in Canada with Praktica MTL 5

Aktualizace: 21. bře 2019

One broken camera from 80s, two rolls of a budget film and a big trip over the ocean.

Fishing by Mackenzie River. As you can see, the hole in the camera ruined the film and caused these unwanted stripes, but eventually it is an interesting "retro" effect. It is damaged, but not entirely destroyed.

It was year 2016 when I decided to go with my friends to Canada. Travels all around the world are quite common nowadays and not so unique, but for me, it is the biggest trip so far. I live alternately in the Czech Republic and Poland and I have never left my hemisphere (let's say the "Euroasian-African space" not counting Greenwich meridian as a border).

These were still the days when I was dividing negative films on two halfs - black and white films and colour films. I had been shooting analog photos for a while, but - likewise as now - just for fun. I had no idea that there could be such an amount of different films, which vary in prizes, tones, saturation, contrast, level of grain etc. What I understood... ok, what I comprehended a little bit, was the ISO. But I always bought the cheapest rolls, so when I was ready for black and white, I took our famous Czech film Fomapan (100, 200, 400). However, I was going to fly to Canada, the country of beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes, so I wanted to shoot in colours. I didn't know that there is for example (FujiChrome) Velvia 50, professional film made exactly for these occasions. Never mind, I purchased Kodak ColorPlus 200. Twice.

It was a huge mistake to take only two rolls of film. It's an absolute disgrace not to take photos at these such an interesting places. I am a perpetual beginner.

Equipped by my pretty Praktica MTL 5 (with 50 mm lens), which as I noticed later and you can see it on my pictures was broken and had a little leak, I made some photos during two months spent mostly in the wild. But not many pics. Unfortunately.


Apart from the light leaking, some photos were bad due to my inability to focus well. Formerly lot of my pictures were not sharp in spite of the viewfinder and the lenses being ok. I was just lef-handed. I was able to ruin a half of the film by bad sharping.

Before you can see some of my Canadian pictures taken in British Columbia, Alberta and Northwest Territories, I have to admit to something. I also took my digital Nikon D3300 (Nikkor 18-105 mm) with me and did a lot of "better" photos in the sense of documentation and illustration of Canadian aesthetics, "Nordic" nature in summer and our trip... you can check the photos out here.

And now for something completely different - no post-processing, no filtres, just raw Praktica filled by Kodak ColorPlus 200.

My friend Nikola is preparing to catch some fish. Colours of Kodak ColorPlus 200 are more than fine, I really like them.

Checking the engine of Toyota Previa.

A ship cemetery.

Great Slave Lake. Something I had seen only on globes and school maps, something located far away on north. But a civilization came here, too, and you can still get much more further if you want.

Great Slave Lake.

A forest cuisine.

A fireplace.

Stormy fishing. And white stripe. What a shame.

My friend Lukáš with the guitar.

I can imagine better grain, better details and better composition...

Just as matter of interest, also the title picture of this blog was taken in Canada. In beautiful British Columbia to be more precise.

As you can see, for taking pictures of people Kodak ColorPlus seems ok, but for nature, woods, lakes and generally landscapes I would choose different films next time.

A nomadic living.

Slightly overexposed wild river.

Yeah, I know, a part of the rod and the head...

Bio-rinsing the dishes.


Gypsy living.

Looking back, I am still a little bit dissapointed that I took only two rolls of film (well, if I tried, I should buy another somewhere in Canada, but we were in most cases out of civilization) and that I took "only" Kodak ColorPlus. There are plenty of different options.

Nevertheless! Kodak ColorPlus is a great film I can highly recommend despite its low price and from that embedded worse reputation.


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