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Testing AGFA Vista Plus 200

It is official. The beautiful films AGFA Vista Plus 200 and AGFA Vista Plus 400 were discontinued. What a shame.

Ok, I really like this...

I am really sad. I have seen quite a lot of reviews and videos on Agfa Vista Plus 400 (for example here) and I was curious how this film works. I have bought some rolls and - in fear of the fact that the films are maybe the last ones - I put some of them into the freezer. I took also some Agfa Vista Plus 200, which I want to report about now, but not many. Bought at the beginning of this year, the expiration date was set on October 2019! So? Tick... tock...

The story of discontinuing was confirmed here or here. You can read everywhere that this was a favourite film for amateurs and students. The price was (still is) really low and results were (are) pleasing. Is it a stupid and wrong decision when the analog photography is growing in popularity nowadays? I don't know, I am just sorry for another loss. Less films means less diversity.

You should definitely buy this film (or Agfa Vista with ISO 400). This is probably a last chance.

Anyway, one weekend we decided to go on a trip, in particular, to the Vltava river basin area near Štěchovice and Davle. I wanted to try something new. I had shooted Agfa Vista Plus 400 before (some review will come early!) so I took "200" with me. And my Olympus OM-1n (50 mm/1.8 Zuiko lens).

"So much wow indeed" I was going to say to my girlfriend when I was looking at the results. You can look at them too. No filtres, no post-process.

My friend Jura who really loves trips. And he is an elf.

Although this is not exactly professional portrait film, Karolina is beautiful as always. She is also an elf. What is more, the blurred parts of picture looks like a painting.

Splendid views, nice contrast, but little weird colour of human skin.

This is not autumn, this is late winter. But the foggy atmosphere is magical.

My photographer as a photographed object.

Only a few kilometres south of Prague is such a magnificent nature.

Another view of Vltava river and its meanders.

The daughter of my friend does not enjoy a photographing during her snack.

The colours are little bit shifted, the grain is perfect. The foggy atmosphere with "autumn" colours (brown and green) match marvelously, red details are nice and yellow seems slightly muted.

However, concerning the portraits, grain is more than fine, but I would not recommend this film if you want to take only photos of people and their skin and face details. I think the colours are not exactly natural and sometimes the people look more pale than they really are. They can look as they has a hepatitis or different kind of disease. But you can use it on purpose for some special effect or impression.

"Which face should I make?"

Windfallen trees.


Waterfalls. I had no tripod and the light was not bright to experiment with a shutter speed and an aperture.

Water reservoir.

Abandoned house.

Teletín village.

How can I not like this film?

Typical Czech cabin by the river.

Spring is around the corner.

I am amazed by the texture of this photography.

By the river.

Former St. John's Rapids.

The tree by the river.

I am very happy I have still some supplies of Agfa Vista because this film is despite its price absolutely amazing. I can only recommend it. Find a store with the last pieces and do not hesitate. Thank me later.


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